Routledge handbook of graffiti and street art
Routledge handbook of graffiti and street art
Lisätekijä: Ross, Jeffrey Ian, toimittaja
Julkaisuvuosi: 2019
Kieli: englanti
Aineistolaji: Kirja
Kategoria: Tietokirjallisuus
Kustantaja: Abingdon : Routledge Taylor & Francis, 2019. : ©2016
ISBN: 978-0-367-33597-7 pehmeäkantinen
Sarja: Routledge international handbooks
13. Graffiti art and the city: from piece-making to place-making / Graeme Evans -- 14. Something for the boys? Exploring the changing gender dynamics of the graffiti subculture / Nancy Macdonald -- 15. The psychology behind graffiti involvement / Myra F. Taylor, Julie Ann Pooley, and Georgia Carragher -- 16. Graffiti and the subculture career / Gregory J. Snyder -- Part III: Regional/municipal variations/difference of graffiti and street art -- 17.From the city walls to 'clean trains': graffiti in New York City, 1969-1990 / Joe A. Austin -- 18. "Boost or blight?" Graffiti writing and street art in the "new" New Orleans / Doreen Piano -- 19. Pop culture and politics: graffiti and street art in Montréal / Anna Wacławek -- 20. The battle for public space along the Mapocho river, Santiago de Chile, 1964-2014 / Rodney Palmer -- 21. London calling: contemporary graffiti and street art in the UK's capital / Jeffrey Ian Ross -- 22. Graffiti and street art in Paris / David Fieni --Part I: History, types, and writers/artists of graffiti and street art -- 1. Ancient graffiti / J.A. Baird and Claire Taylor -- 2. Trains, railroad workers and illegal riders: the subcultural world of hobo graffiti / John F. Lennon -- 3. The history of freight train graffiti in North America / Robert Donald Weide -- 4. Prison inmate graffiti / Jacqueline Z. Wilson -- 5. Ways of being seen: gender and writing on the wall / Jessica N. Pabón -- 7. Research and theory on latrinalia / Adam Trahan -- 8. Yarn bombing - the softer side of street art / Minna Haveri -- 9. Straight from the underground: New York City's leading graffiti writing culture / Ronald Kramer -- 10. American Indian graffiti / Favian Martín -- Part II: Theoretical explanations of graffiti and street art/causes of graffiti and street art -- 11. Graffiti and street art as ornament / Rafael Schacter -- 12. Graffiti, street art and the divergent synthesis of place valorisation in contemporary urbanism / Andrea Mubi Brighenti -- 23. From Marx to Merkel: political muralism and street art in Lisbon -- 24. The field of graffiti and street art in post-January 2011 Egypt / Mona Abaza -- 25. Wall talk: Palestinian graffiti / Julie Peteet -- 26. Graffiti/street art in Tokyo and surrounding districts / Hidetsugu Yamakoshi and Yasumasa Sekine -- 27. Claiming spaces for urban art images in Beijing and Shanghai / Minna Valjakka -- 28. Contesting transcultural trends: emerging self-identities and urban art images in Hong Kong / Minna Valjakka -- Part IV: Effects of graffiti and street art -- 29. How major urban centers in the United States respond to graffiti/street art / Jeffrey Ian Ross -- 30. New York City's moral panic over graffiti: normalizing neoliberal penality and paving the way for growth machines / Ronald Kramer -- 31. Stealing from the public: the value of street art taken from the street / Peter Bengsten -- 32. How American movies depict graffiti and street art/ Jeffreu Ian Ross -- 33. Challenging the defence of graffiti, in defense of graffiti / Stefano Bloch -- 34. Does copyright law protect graffiti and street art / Danwill D. Schwender -- 35. Graffiti, street art, and the evolution of the art market / Maia Morgan Wells.





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